About Us



Al-Muayed Travel  is one of the most prestigious travel and tours company in Saudi Arabia, founded in 1979 by its owner and General Manager Sheikh / Mohammed bin Abdullah Hamad Mohaimeed who also is managing the company since its inception and up to date.

The company began operations from its head office in Riyadh and throughout its network. The company branches includes 4 main branches in Riyadh, 1 Branch in Jeddah, 1 Branch in Dammam, and 1 branch in  morocco as well as some other representatives and franchises .

The company has always been keen on recruiting a well experienced and qualified staff and provide regular training plans and programs to ensure its staff are well prepared to provide the best quality of service. This has great impact the company's growth, prosperity and business development.

One of the main focuses of Almuayed travel has always been the quality of customer services. The company adapts an integrated work process and policies that ensure the best quality of service, our main goal us to achieve a high client satisfaction through honesty, integrity and credible partnership.

All these factors has played a key role in establishing a sold and credible name for Al-Muayed travel and enable it to participate in developing  travel and tours industry the kingdom.


To become the leading travel and tours operator in the  region and our clients’ best partner, always providing the best possible product, with the highest quality of services, and obtain customer satisfaction through integrity, honesty and credible partnership.


Our mission is to deliver overall satisfaction to our travelers and clients. And at the same time, fulfilling their requirements and needs with our dedicated staff and wide verity of services & solutions.